Large guanidinium cation mixed with methylammonium in lead iodide perovskites for 19% efficient solar cells

Jodlowski, Alexander D.; Roldan-Carmona, Cristina; Grancini, Giulia; Salado, Manuel; Ralaiarisoa, Maryline; Ahmad, Shahzada; Koch, Norbert; Camacho, Luis; de Miguel, Gustavo; Nazeeruddin, Mohammad Khaja

VL / 2 - BP / 972 - EP / 979
Organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites have shown photovoltaic performances above 20% in a range of solar cell architectures while offering simple and low-cost processability. Despite the multiple ionic compositions that have been reported so far, the presence of organic constituents is an essential element in all of the high-efficiency formulations, with the methylammonium and formamidinium cations being the sole efficient options available to date. In this study, we demonstrate improved material stability after the incorporation of a large organic cation, guanidinium, into the MAPbI(3) crystal structure, which delivers average power conversion efficiencies over 19%, and stabilized performance for 1,000 h under continuous light illumination, a fundamental step within the perovskite field.

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